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September 11, 2021 9 min read

A wristwatch is for you a constant companion that goes with you through thick and thin? Or a noble accessory that enhances your outfit with a touch of elegance and grace?

Wristwatches play an essential role in our lives. Their design and functions have constantly evolved to meet the highest standards.

Therefore, when buying a new wristwatch, there are several considerations. For the perfect watch, not only fit and the purpose of your new watch are important.

In our buying guide for wristwatches, we give you extensive recommendations to help you make the right decision for your new watch in peace.

Buying guide for wristwatches: What you should consider

With the huge selection of wristwatches on the market today, it's easy to lose track of what you're looking for. So where to start to find the perfect wristwatch? Does the perfect watch even exist?

It depends very much on your individual wishes and expectations. After all, the watch on your wrist is always an extension of your personality.

Once you know roughly what watch you're looking for, it's a matter of functions, size and style of your new wristwatch. We'll explain what that means.

Buying wrist watches

Recommendation 1: The fit

Fit is probably the most important feature of a new wristwatch of all. Because even if your new watch looks like your dream watch - you won't enjoy it if it constantly slips off your wrist or fits too tightly.

For wider wrists, a sturdy bracelet with a large dial is better suited than a small watch. Conversely, small and medium sized dials look great on smaller wrists.

With these two features, you can find the right fit for your new wristwatch.

The right bracelet

Traditional wristwatches were sold with metal or leather straps. Nowadays, however, there are many more types of watch bands, for example, wood and leather watches.

Which bracelet you prefer depends on when you wear the watch, your personal style and taste.

  • Canvas or fabric straps: durable and inexpensive, these straps require little maintenance yet are very comfortable. A range of bright colors are available to choose from. This makes these bracelets attractive to young adults and children.
  • Metal bracelets: gracefully, well-made metal bracelets hug the wrist. They are beautiful to look at, but they can be quite expensive, especially if they are made of gold or silver.
  • Leather straps: leather watches are often considered the classiest and exude an air of elegance. If you're looking for something low-maintenance, however, you should avoid leather straps. In order for leather straps to look good for a long time, they need to be treated appropriately.
  • Rubber or plastic bracelets: do you value durability? Wristbands made of plastic or rubber are scratch-resistant and durable. That's why they're popular with divers, swimmers and outdoor enthusiasts. Rubber or plastic wristbands offer shock absorption, moisture resistance, and added protection. However, they are less environmentally friendly.
  • Wood: Then, of course, there's wood - stylish, versatile and sustainable. With a wide range of textures and hues, wooden watches add a natural look to any outfit while protecting the planet. But more on that below.

The ideal watch face

When deciding on the size of a watch face, you should consider your stature and most especially the size of your wrist and forearm. Depending on your wrist, a wide watch face can look perfect, or completely inappropriate.

Regardless - style is a very personal thing. Want to wear a solid watch on a narrow wrist? Stay true to your style - and wear your new watch with confidence.

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Recommendation 2: Personal style

A popular question when deciding to buy a wristwatch: should it be a classic watch or a new trend.

Again, it's all about personal preferences and tastes. Classic styles as well as new trends both have their own unique appeal. If you don't know what to choose: There are great wristwatches that are contemporary yet classic.

Neutral colors, for example, do not lose their style and can be combined with almost all outfits.

We have listed some of the most sought-after wristwatch styles for you:

  • The pilot watch: combining luxury and functionality, pilot watches are a great accessory for formal wear. The style was designed for a pilot in 1911 and has been a favorite among generations of watch wearers ever since
  • The Dress Watch: These thin watches combine a leather strap with precious metal dials. Definitely a fantastic choice for fans of luxury watches.
  • The Minimalist: Are you a lover of simplicity and uncluttered timepieces? Then the minimalist design is just what you need. These watches are a perfect blend of traditional and modern aesthetics.
  • The driving watch: big, swanky and brilliant, the driving watch was specifically designed for anyone who drives a vehicle. That's why these watches are equipped with both a chronograph and a tachymeter. The sporty nature of these watches makes them a great match for casual wear.
  • The diving watch: divers need watches that can withstand a lot of pressure. Diving watches are therefore waterproof, robust and have luminous dials. Because of their advanced features, these are high-priced watches.

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Recommendation 3: Analog or digital?

The basic and most noticeable difference between analog and digital watches is their display. While digital watches can resemble a mobile screen, analog watches have 12 static digits and hands for displaying hours, minutes and sometimes seconds.

Digital watches are more common among sports watches, while vintage or casual watches are typically analog.

Despite the added functionality of many digital watches, setting them up can be complicated. Analog watches, on the other hand, are easier to handle.

Advantages of analog wristwatches

Although buying a wristwatch is a personal decision, analog watches do have some distinct advantages.

  • Analog watches are elegant in design and look classy.
  • Analog watches are great for work, events or formal occasions. They are a great statement piece for your wardrobe
  • Depending on the materials used, analog watches often have a durable quality. This means you'll have something from your analog watch for longer.
  • Analog watches come in a variety of designs that offer something for everyone.

Disadvantages of analog wrist watches

However, there are also a few disadvantages of analog wrist watches

  • Analog watches usually do not have a backlight. Although many analog wristwatches have backlit hands and numerals, they are still not bright enough in poorly lit environments.
  • Many useful features of digital watches, such as calendar or stop functions, are not offered by analog watches.

Advantages of digital watches

Constantly evolving functions and technology, with some advantages for digital wristwatches:

  • Digital wristwatches offer unparalleled precision, making them a reliable choice for athletes and sports enthusiasts.
  • Digital wristwatches are equipped with a large number of additional functions such as GPS, Bluetooth, stopwatch or calendar.

Disadvantages of digital wristwatches

As useful as digital wristwatches are, a few disadvantages should be mentioned:

  • Digital wristwatches are not as chic or stylish as analog wristwatches. They are less elegant in design, the focus is on functionality and application.
  • Possibly, digital wristwatches have fewer features for women, as the best men's watches are often more robust and versatile.

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Recommendation 4: Prices and value retention

The price of a wristwatch is an important aspect of buying a watch that cannot be ignored. You may like a certain brand or model. If this does not fit into your budget, you will not buy this wristwatch.

Therefore, set a budget right at the beginning of your purchase decision and look for different options within your budget range.

If you go over your budget, buying your new watch will be a bad financial investment. Unless you're buying a vintage model, a limited edition design, or a high-end watch, your wristwatch will depreciate in value over time.

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Recommendation 5: A comfortable weight

Although wristwatch weight is often not considered when making a purchase decision, it can negatively affect your watch purchase. Therefore, you should choose a wristwatch that is comfortable, not too delicate or heavy.

Small tip: if you want a light watch on your wrist, you should prefer leather or fabric straps. Another excellent option for a lightweight wristwatch is a wood watch. Among the various choices available, wood watches stand out as one of the best choices when it comes to a feather-light timepiece. In fact, some of our wood watches weigh as little as 26 grams, making them an incredibly comfortable and stylish accessory for your daily wear. So, if you prioritise a watch that feels barely there while still being a fashion statement, a wood watch might be the perfect fit for you.

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Recommendation 6: Match your wardrobe

Personal wardrobe is also an often forgotten aspect when buying a wristwatch. This is because your wardrobe should match seamlessly with your accessories like your watch. You don't have to be a fashion freak, but paying some attention to the basics will make your overall outfit more cohesive.

For example, if you have a soft spot for gold watches, pair them with deep browns and blacks. This will add weight to your wristwatch. Likewise, silver metal bands look better with formal outfits at night.

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Recommendation 7: Water resistant

Most wristwatches are water resistant to some degree. This protects you from the occasional splash or rainfall. This is usually referred to as 3 ATM.

However, water sports enthusiasts often opt for wristwatches that are water resistant to 200 meters or 20 ATM. Divers should look for watches with water resistance ratings specifically for diving.

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Recommendation 8: The brand

Experienced watch owners are usually biased towards certain brands. If you have a particular watch brand in mind, pay attention not only to the aura of the brand, but also consider the key features of your new wristwatch. You should carefully weigh these with your needs and requirements.

Brand research should always be an important part of buying a new watch. Watch brands with high brand equity and good reputation are likely to have good customer service and better quality standards.

Of course, that doesn't mean you shouldn't buy an unknown brand. But a trusted name is usually the safer choice.

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Recommendation 9: The brightness

The brightness of a wristwatch may not be a deciding factor for many in their buying decision. Nevertheless, brightness is a useful feature of your new watch.

Simply put, luminous hands provide visibility in the dark or at night. A photoluminescent pigment makes the hands and numerals glow. This pigment absorbs light and also emits it depending on the situation.

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Recommendation 10: The power source

Every watch needs some kind of power source to keep it running. Usually, watches are powered by one of these four energy sources:

  • Solar: Using sun-charged batteries or alternative light sources, this is an environmentally friendly way to power wristwatches.
  • Quartz: The batteries in these wristwatches need to be changed about every two years.
  • Mechanical: These wristwatches need to be wound from time to time. This is how they develop their optimal potential.
  • Automatic: Automatic wristwatches only require movement by the watch wearer.

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Recommendation 11: Sustainability

Sustainable wristwatches are becoming increasingly popular. Brands are becoming more aware of their impact on the planet. Creative watchmakers are finding elegant solutions for environmentally conscious customers - from solar-powered watches to handmade wooden watches made from 100% natural wood or other sustainable materials. There is even a combination of the wooden watch with solar power.

These wristwatches are incredibly stylish and great accessories. At the same time, sustainable wristwatches are good for the environment:

  • Handmade wooden watches made from ethically sourced wood or other upcycled materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill.
  • Powered by renewable energy sources like solar power.

Should you buy a sustainable wristwatch?

Sustainable wooden wristwatches for men and women are handmade with attention to detail and offer great benefits.

  • Ideal for people with sensitive skin, sustainable wooden watches are a great alternative for those who are sensitive to metals, plastics or rubber. Wood is less sensitive to heat and water. Therefore, wooden straps do not cause discomfort to their wearers.
  • Timeless: watches made of wood are a careful blend of rustic and modern. They are a timeless accessory for your wardrobe. The best thing about sustainable wrist watches made of wood is that unlike metal watches, they do not look old with time.
  • Low cost: Another advantage of sustainable wrist watches made of wood is their relatively low initial cost. Many environmentally friendly products can only be obtained at a significant additional cost. With our wooden watches, you get quality at a fair price.

When not to buy a sustainable wooden wristwatch

As environmentally friendly as sustainable watches are, one of the new wooden watches for men and women is not suitable for everyone.

  • Wristwatches for active people: Wooden watches are not the first choice for those who need sturdiness and a variety of other features to keep track of their fitness. Silicone or plastic watches designed specifically for exercise and activity are better suited for such needs.
  • Synthetic wood: There are watch manufacturers who use synthetic wood instead of real wood for the wooden watches for men and women. This way, they reduce the cost and increase their profit margin. Both quality and longevity of a wristwatch are affected by this. Please be careful about cheap imitations of exclusive watches.
  • High maintenance: Even the best wooden watches for men and women need maintenance. Regular cleaning and proper storage are a must for these watches.

Want to buy the perfect watch? Take your time

Buying the right wristwatch takes time. After all, you want an accessory that complements your style and supports your activities.

Of course, you don't have to limit your selection to just one wristwatch if you're interested in multiple watches. You may want this one classic timepiece for special occasions and another for everyday wear.

At Zeitholz, you'll find a number of fascinating watches to add to your wardrobe. All of our watches are made from 100% sustainable wood. This makes our watches environmentally friendly with great value for money. We are committed to planting a tree for every watch we sell. Discover our range of handmade wooden watches today.

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