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February 09, 2022 3 min read

When choosing a watch, in addition to the design and color, the main thing to consider is whether the size of the particular watch fits the wrist. There is no point in getting a watch that looks great, but whose wearing comfort leaves much to be desired, just because the size is simply not suitable.

To help in choosing the perfect size watch for the wrist, here we explain two key concepts; The first will be obvious to most, but the second is often completely overlooked:

Watch case diameter

The diameter of a watch case is undoubtedly the most widely used measurement among watchmakers and consumers when it comes to judging the size of a watch. The measurement is usually given in millimeters, although it can sometimes be found in centimeters.

When determining the appropriate case diameter, it is important to know your own wrist size, as a yours may look quite different on a very narrow wrist than it does on a large one. The easiest differentiator for the watch size that fits your wrist is gender, due to the average wrist sizes of men and women. However, this is only a general guide and should not limit your choices, as there are definitely women who prefer oversized watches and might be more likely to buy a watch that is actually sold as a men's watch, and vice versa.

Women's watch sizes usually vary between 20mm and 40mm. A few years ago, the trend was for watches with a diameter of 25mm to 30mm, but in recent years larger watches have become more popular, so it is not uncommon to find a variety of 36mm and 38mm watches for ladies these days.




When it comes to sizes for men's watches, the trend is perhaps the exact opposite. A few years ago, large watches of 44mm and above were very popular, but in recent years this has shifted to watches with a slightly smaller diameter, between 36mm and 40mm, especially for normal watches without a sports function. .

Bergen Chronograph: 42mm case diameter.

To narrow down the search, we have created this small guide with the following general rules:

The perfect watch size for women

Watch size for narrow wrist (13cm to 15cm):

Ideal size of the watch case should be between 20mm and 30mm

Watch size for medium wrist (15cm to 17cm):

Ideal watch case size should be between 24mm and 36mm.


Watch size for large wrist (over 17cm):

IIdeal size of the watch case should be between 30mm and 40mm.


The perfect watch size for men

Watch size for slim wrist (15cm to 17cm): Ideal size should be between 32mm and 40mm.
Watch size for medium wrist (17cm to 19cm): IIdeal size should be between 34mm and 44mm.
Watch size for large wrist (19cm to 21cm). Ideal size should be between 36mm and 50mm in diameter.


Distance between lugs

The second element that is often overlooked but crucial in determining the correct watch size is the spacing of the strap lugs. The lugs are the protrusions on the watch case that attach the strap to the watch case. They can add a not insignificant amount to the appearance of the watch, but are readily ignored when a watch is measured by case size alone.

To illustrate this concept and highlight its importance, here are two of our ladies' watches:

If we consider only case size in isolation, Sebnitz seems to be a much larger watch than Wolkenstein. However, the fact that the Sebnitz has no lugs (the strap is attached to the back of the watch case) means that the overall size is actually smaller than the Wolkenstein.

The diameter of a watch case is the universal measurement for determining the size of a watch. However, as we have already discussed, it is important to also pay attention to the distance from lug to lug if you want yours to fit your wrist perfectly. If this measurement is not provided, which is often the case, hopefully the manufacturer can provide this upon request. Otherwise, the additional size added by the lugs can at best be estimated from the photos provided. .

We hope this article is of great help when choosing your next watch. Our lightweight and elegant wooden watches are welcome to be discovered below.


samuel santa
samuel santa

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