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Welcome to Zeitholz - Sustainable, Natural Wooden Watches for Men and Women

At Zeitholz, our core value is to make environmentally-responsible, stylish products at a fair price. We are driven to create sustainable, earthy timepieces that capture the rustic allure of wooden craftsmanship — timepieces that are handcrafted using recycled materials, with meticulous attention to detail and no compromises on quality or design.

The result is a wide range of elegant wooden watches and sophisticated wooden belts to pair with any outfit. No matter your style — be it casual, business, outdoorsy, or formal — we have the timeless or modern piece to complement your look.

Zeitholz watches are equipped with high-quality moving parts made by industry leading Japanese manufacturers Seiko, Miyota, and Citizen. The clockwork is encased in premium quality, crack-resistant hardwoods such as walnut, maple, rosewood, oak, sandalwood, olive wood, and bamboo. To top it off, the dial, bezel, and hands are protected by an ultra-strong mineral glass crystal. Some of our handmade watches also feature an offset crown and alternate strap materials like canvas or leather.

Explore our range and discover why hundreds of satisfied customers from around the globe love the quality, affordability and style of Zeitholz.

A wooden watch Brand from the Ore Mountains

Zeitholz continually strives to promote and value handmade, artisanal creations. Our products
use natural and biodegradable materials, such as 100% natural wood and leather, meaning
that our watches and belts have a minimal environmental impact.

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Why Wooden Watches?

While wood may not be the first material that comes to the minds of watchmakers, there's no denying that the end result looks elegant and unique. The grain and wooden texture shine through beautifully.

Unlike metal case watches, wood watches are extremely light — you'll barely even notice that you're wearing one. What's more, the timeless and modern designs are versatile. They complement almost any outfit and effortlessly carry from one look to the next — taking you from casual day wear to a sophisticated night style with ease.

Most importantly, every Zeitholz timepiece is handcrafted using sustainably harvested, natural, hardened wood with the lowest possible carbon footprint. No toxic paints or unnecessary chemicals are used during the manufacturing process, keeping our products safe for you and the environment.

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Discover our new collection, Zweibach, and our new solar watch collection, Sonnenberg.

Our Sonnenberg range offers an even more eco-friendly option, ending the need for replacement batteries!

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