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Alexandru Urdas,

May 16, 2023 2 min read

Alexandru Urdas, 36, Romanian


Although I enjoy the beach and the hot weather of the south of Europe, nothing beats the feeling of being surrounded by nature. Whether it's hiking through the mountains or camping in the forest, being in nature always leaves me feeling refreshed and invigorated. One of my favorite ways to experience the outdoors is by exploring new hiking trails and immersing myself in the beauty of untouched wilderness. But, as much as I love to venture out into new places, there's always a special place in my heart for my hometown, Sibiu, Romania. It's where I learned to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors, and it's where I still go back to every winter to ski and reconnect with my roots. For me, being in nature is not just a hobby, it's a way of life, and it always reminds me of the importance of slowing down, taking a deep breath, and appreciating the world around us.




When it comes to creating a timeless style, I like to add my personal touch by pairing a wooden watch with classy clothes. As someone living in Paris, I find that a blazer and jeans are the perfect combination to achieve that stylish, yet comfortable look. To complete the outfit, I prefer to wear a pair of nice shoes that add a touch of sophistication. Massimo Dutti is a brand that I particularly like, as it offers a wide range of stylish blazers that are perfect for any occasion. When paired with a wooden watch, I feel like I have created a truly unique and personal style. It reminds me of the beauty and timelessness of nature and adds an organic feel to my outfit.


I try to eat healthy meals with fresh ingredients and avoid processed junk that makes me feel sluggish. I also hit the gym a few times a week to stay strong and fit. Working out helps me clear my head and gives me a boost of energy. Recently, I set a personal goal to complete a marathon in less than 4 hours, and I did it in April! It was really tough, but I felt amazing after crossing the finish line. Besides, I make sure to prioritize sleep and taking time for myself to relax. Living a healthy lifestyle helps me feel my best, and that's all that matters!


samuel santa
samuel santa

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