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January 23, 2024 5 min read

Embark on a journey through the Zeitholz collection, where we delve into the world of the best watches for couples for 2024. These watches embody more than just timekeeping; they are the essence of unity and style.

Partner watches aren't just coordinated designs; they reflect a couple's personality, whether it's the power duo making big moves in the business world or the eco-conscious couple committed to sustainability.

This guide showcases the finest wooden partner watches of 2024. Join us as we celebrate love, tick by tick, with the perfect wooden timepiece for every couple.

The power couple


The Klitten & Rosenbach collection embodies the power couple's alliance of ambition and style. The Klitten, with exclusive lunar, monthly and weekly calendars, is designed for those who master every minute.

Klitten: The pinnacle of success (42mm)

Available in blue, white or beige, the Klitten is designed for the dynamic personality who combines elegance with essential functionality, all secured with a durable leather strap.

Rosenbach: Synchronized sophistication (36mm)

Complemented with dials in navy, white or rose, the Rosenbach is the sophisticated choice for the partner who commands attention with subtlety and style.

Unity in time

Together, these watches tell more than just the time - they tell a story of synchronized success and a power couple's shared pursuit of excellence.

The eco-conscious duo


For the duo deeply rooted in environmental responsibility, the Bergen Blau and Leuben Indigo watches symbolize their commitment to sustainability. These timepieces are not just accessories; they are a statement of an eco-conscious lifestyle wrapped in 100% natural wood from FSC-certified forests.

Bergen Blue (42mm): Chronograph for the eco-warrior

The Bergen Blue, with its chronograph functionality, reflects the vast skies and deep seas with its blue dial. It's a timepiece for the man whose choices are as intentional as his impact on the earth.

Leuben Indigo (32mm): Simplified elegance for you

The Leuben Indigo pairs with the mountains, with a wooden bracelet and a serene blue dial. Its understated elegance is designed for the woman who treads carefully on the planet and makes every step count.

Sustainable luxury, tree by tree

Representing more than just style, Zeitholz plants a tree for every watch sold. This collection is for the couple cycling together towards a greener future, valuing the beauty and preservation of our natural world with every second.

The Classic Couple


The Zittau for him and the Wolkenstein for her, both in rich walnut, embody the enduring love of the classic couple. These watches are heirlooms of an unbreakable bond.

Zittau Walnut: Enduring elegance (42mm)

The Zittau, with its simple yet robust face, speaks of a legacy. Its warm walnut tones and clear display embody the strength and durability of the classic man.

Wolkenstein Walnut: Graceful attitude (36mm)

For her, the golden dial of the Wolkenstein and the combination of regular and Roman numerals are a tribute to eternal grace. It is a watch that balances strength and sophistication, designed for the woman who appreciates elegance as much as durability.

Timeless tradition honors

In an age of fleeting fashions, the classic pair stands out. Their choice of watches represents a promise engraved in time, a daily emblem of the love they carry not only on their wrists, but in their hearts.

For those who value tradition and romantic constancy, the Zittau and Wolkenstein watches are a salute to their timeless journey together.

The trendsetters


The Stolpen Olive watches, available in both 42mm and 36mm, are made for the trendsetters who want to impress and inspire. These are the timepieces for those who are always at the forefront of fashion.

Bold Innovation (42mm)

His Stolpen Olive is a testament to modern craftsmanship, combining a striking black dial with the warmth of olive wood. It's a watch that commands attention and embodies the essence of a man who is always ahead of the curve.

Elegant minimalism (36mm)

Your Stolpen Olive reflects the sophistication of the larger model in a slimmer size. It embodies minimalist elegance, designed for the woman whose style is expressed through self-expression and refinement.

The heartbeat of trendsetting

These watches set the pace for the fashion conscious. They are for the couple who are always one step ahead, turning heads and setting trends with every tick.

For those who dare to lead in style, the Stolpen Olive series is your statement piece, an accessory that resonates with your bold and innovative spirit.

The adventurous duo


For the couple that's out to explore, there's a twist on watches for the trendsetters with the Stolpen Blau and Stolpen Rosa watches. Faithful companions for every journey. These timepieces are made for those who live to explore.

Stolpen Blue (42mm): The explorer's choice

With a deep blue dial, the Stolpen Blau is ready for the unpredictable adventure, as far as the sky above and as reliable as the man who wears it.

Stolpen Pink (36mm): Beauty meets durability

The Stolpen Rosa, with its soft pink dial, combines the elegance of nature with the resilience needed to travel through the wilderness.

Timepieces for trailblazers

Together, these watches accompany the adventurous duo through terrain and time zones, capturing the spirit of their shared love of exploration.

For those who find romance in the thrill of discovery, the Stolpen series pays homage to your adventurous bond with these striking dials, ready to begin the next chapter of your shared epic.

Your love story told through time with engraving

A Zeitholz partner watch set is not just a timepiece, but a canvas for your personal story. Engraving your timepieces transforms them into keepers of your affection and immortalizes your moments together in every tick and tock.

Zeitholz Holzuhr mit individueller Jahrestagsgravur '365 days down Forever to go' auf Metallrückseite, modernes Design mit schwarzem Armband.


Imagine your story unfolding with each engraving, a narrative that echoes through time. "365 days down Forever to go" becomes not just an inscription, but a testament to the journey of your relationship, a milestone celebrated with every passing second.

Our engraving process is designed to be as unique as your bond.

Dive into our resources to find inspiration for your personalized message of love. Our in-depth discussion of watch engraving and curated engraving ideas offer a wealth of suggestions to express your deepest feelings.

In the end, an engraved watch from Zeitholz is a chronicle of your unique story, a celebration of the moments that define you both, connected by love and time.

The symphony of time together

Let's celebrate every moment together with the Zeitholz partner watch set that best suits you and your partner. Our collection offers a watch to cherish the minutes spent together and look forward to the ones to come.

Celebrate your connection with a Zeitholz watch, and let every tick be a testament to your journey together.

samuel santa
samuel santa

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